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Alleypup was a resident of Summersea around 1036 KF. He lived on the streets in the Mire and even in the sewers of the city. His parents had left him to fend for himself around 1034 KF[1]. He had a dark skin and dark eyes and wore torn clothes. Alleypup couldn't even afford shoes, only having "muddy rags wrapped around his feet" even in the cold weather of Sap Moon. In Sap Moon of 1036 KF he was smaller than Briar Moss.[2]

He was a friend of Flick and lead Briar to her den when she was ill with the blue pox. Because he fled when he saw the guards accompanying Rosethorn it's unkown if he also caught the disease or if he died as a result of it. However this is quite probable because of his close contact to Flick and that many people fell ill. He also called Rosethorn 'lady.'

Alleypup only appears as a minor character in Briar's Book.

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