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Adria Fairingrove was a Tusaine commoner in the 5th century HE. Her father was a merchant who smuggled goods through his shop. Adria was a gifted mathematician who often spent time looking over the shoulder of a visiting engineer who was overseeing the construction of a new drawbridge on the River Drell. He had been taught math from a young age by Instructor Hillbrand, who was educated at the Tortallan Royal University. When a new instructor, Instructor Park, took over her mathematics instruction, she was punished for jumping through the math to the answer without showing the steps to get there. He was educated at the Carthaki University and was jealous of Adria's skill at picking up new mathematics concepts.

One day, when cleaning up a storeroom in her father's shop, Adria happened across a darking named Lost. Lost helped to give Adria confidence in herself and offered her companionship, comfort, and protection. After Adria was late to school following morning mathematics instruction with the bridge engineer, Keraine, she rushed to her father's shop to give it a thorough cleaning in the hopes that she could avoid a beating. When cleaning the unused upper storeroom, she discover her father's true accounting books that detailed his earnings from both the shop and his smuggling efforts.

Her father was angry with her when he discovered that she was late to school and slapped her face after finding her in the shop. Lost came to the rescue, physically protecting Adria from her father, and calling to other darkings for help. Instructor Hillbrand and Keraine arrived at the shop with three darkings, Silvery, Puff, and a third unnamed darking. They managed to get Adria's father into letting her leave for study at the university in Tortall, which he agreed to after Adria threatened to reveal his smuggling to the guilds, and after Hillbrand said he would pay for her education.

Adria's father disowned her and informed her that she was not to say goodbye to her mother, brothers, or sisters. She didn't mind leaving so much after she realized what kind of man her father really was, and she sent Lost to her mother to give her her goodbyes. Five days after her disownment, she crossed the Drell into Tortall with Hillbrand, Keraine, and the four darkings.[1]


She appeared as the main character in the short story, Lost, a Tortallan Universe story that was published in Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales, a short story compilation by Tamora Pierce.

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