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Acharn Uniunu (pronounced AA-chahrn oo-nee-OO-noo) is a luarin noble boy of the Copper Isles. He is around the age of 5 or 6 in 463 HE. He is the son of Lady Uniunu and likely the heir of the Uniunu family and fortunes.

During the reign of Dunevon Rittevon, a boy-king around Acharn's age, Acharn was a member of the small circle of boys who played with King Dunevon. They were all from extremely exalted families of the Isles. The group included Elsren Balitang, the king's heir presumptive.

In the devastating shipwreck that killed King Dunevon, Duke Elsren, and several others of Dunevon's court, Acharn was the sole boy who survived besides Taybur Sibigat and a few other members of the crew.[1] Aly also thought it telling that the Uniunu family were the Rittevons' greatest supporters at that time, and their son was the only one to survive the wreckage.

Notes and references

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