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Sir Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau, born Alanna of Trebond, was the first female knight in Tortall in over a century. She traded places with her brother Thom and trained as the boy "Alan". She was enlisted by the Gods to lead the fight against Duke Roger of Conté and his associates. She had become a legend not only in Tortall and the Eastern Lands, but was also known in the Copper Isles. She was: a Healer-Mage, the adopted daughter of Sir Myles of Olau, the King's Champion, the former lover of Prince Jonathan and Liam Ironarm the Shang Dragon, and, eventually, the wife of George Cooper. She had three children, the eldest, Thom, named for her twin, and later twins of her own, Alan and Alianne (Aly). She also had three grandchildren: Ochobai Crow, Ulasu Crow, Junim Crow.

She appears in all four novels of the Song of the Lioness quartet as protagonist, as well as a minor character in The Immortals quartet, in First Test and Squire and in both Trickster's books.


Quote of the Moment
Guard: "We're to give you a ride to Winding Circle. Honored Moonstream asked us, if you turned out to be well."
Rosethorn: "I don't have the blue pox. I don't know if I'm well."
— After Rosethorn and Briar had been found out not to have the disease[src]

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